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Frequently asked questions

body scrub
massage & relaxation
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To get the most from your experience you need to feel relaxed and calm. However, if you’ve never been to a salon, the unknown can create a feeling of anxiety.The following questions and answers will help you get the most out of your time with me:


When do I book my treatments? Peak hours are often late night Thursdays, Fridays and weekends, especially Saturdays, so book as far in advance as possible in order to ensure getting the particular time, day you want.

It's easiest to accommodate you during off-peak hours, which are often in the mornings and mid-week. 

Should I arrive earlier than my treatment time? Please arrive on time. Please note that I do not have a waiting area, so please do not come earlier than your appointment time, as I may still be with a previous client. If you’re late, your treatment time will need to be shortened since the treatment room (and therapist) is generally booked after your session. After a treatment, it's customary to vacate the room within a few minutes.


Do I need to fill in a questionnaire? First-time guests will be asked to complete a questionnaire to provide me with medical and contact information. 


What happens if I need to cancel my appointment? If you must cancel an appointment, please give me as much advance notice as possible. At least 48 hours notice is required to avoid being charged. This gives me time to fill the slot. Please be aware that if an appointment is cancelled without 48 hours notice, a cancellation fee of 50% of the treatment cost, may be charged. If an appointment is missed without any notification or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, we reserve the right to charge the full price of the treatment.


What should I wear? Most people come in casual attire-something they can easily slip off. If you are having a pedicure flip flops or open toed shoes are a good idea. 


Can I ask to adapt the treatment? All aspects of treatment can usually be modified to your taste: amount of light, kind (or absence) of music, room temperature, and whether or not you choose to have a conversation or enjoy the treatment in silence. If you want the massage to go deeper or be gentler, let me know. Also, feel free to ask questions. I will appreciate knowing your thoughts and clarifying any issues you may have.


If I have a medical condition should I mention it to anyone? If you have any type of medical condition, be sure to mention it when you book an appointment. Certain treatments may not be advisable for you. Also, before your treatment begins, let me know of any medical concerns.


Do I at any point have to remove all of my clothes in front of anyone? It’s never required that you are unclothed in front of anyone. I will leave the treatment room while you get under the sheet on the massage table, and keep you covered at all times except for the area of the body I am massaging. I also leave the treatment room before you get up from the treatment bed.


Do I have to remove all jewellery? If possible, leave your jewellery at home as you will not need it for your visit. If you choose to take them with you to your treatment, remember not to leave them behind.


Should I eat before a treatment? Try not to eat for at least an hour before a face or body treatment, and avoid the consumption of alcohol on the day of a treatment. Drink plenty of water before and afterward.


Can I use my mobile? A visit is a tranquil and stress-reducing experience, therefore it is best to leave mobile phones at home or turn them off before entering the salon.


Are children allowed? During your time with me, I want to concentrate on you. If you do need to bring children, please make sure there is another person on hand to look after them, so that I can look after you.



pedicure & foot massage
Wedding Car



My Bridal packages are created according to your requirements and may be provided at the salon, your home, your venue or a combination of all of them.


I know how important your big day is and how essential it is to get all the details just right, so why not leave it my capable hands.


I can offer a vast range of services, including a full consultation and trials for everything, so you know it will be perfect on the day.


My packages cover my extensive range of services for everyone in the bridal party, from the bride and bridesmaids, to the mothers of the both the bride and groom.


Let me know what you need and I can provide you with a detailed plan and quotation.




For the ultimate in indulgence, why not spend a day or half a day with me.   

Let me spoil, relax, refresh and de-stress you from head to toe, tailor your own special day to include all your favourite treatments.

Terms and Conditions for Services

  • All clients must follow after care advice given. Failure to do so may affect results.

  • In the event of an appointment cancellation being less than 48 hours notice or non-arrival for an appointment, I regret that it will be necessary to charge 50% for cancellation and 100% for missed appointments or less than 24 hours notice, of the whole price of the treatments that were booked in.

  • Please inform me of any medical condition including pregnancy prior to booking as some treatments may not be appropriate for you. This includes allergies and previous reactions to treatments if any.

  • I reserve the right to alter prices without prior notice.

  • Any treatments involving the use of one or more of the following; creams, oils, nail polish, wax, polish removers etc. Clients must take this into consideration when receiving treatments and wear suitable clothing. I do not accept any responsibility for damage to clothing worn during the course of treatment.

  • I reserve the right to charge a booking fee for longer appointments. This fee will be deducted from the total fee of the treatments. In the event of a cancellation or a no-show, the booking fee will be forfeited by the client.


Skinbase Pro Micro Dermabrasion


A system of intense exfoliation and resurfacing using ultra fine crystals that rejuvenates dull tired and ageing skin, sun damage, acnes scars, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles. Visible results immediately, skin has a healthy glow straight after the treatment. Suitable for all skin types. Visibly lifts and brightens the complexion in one treatment.

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