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Full hand and nail care set

Set includes:

1. ETHOS ALMOND OIL 14ml -  infused with Almond Extract, is ideal for use on dry cuticles and can also be used during gel removal, leaving the nail in great condition.Contains Almond, Jojoba, Avocado oils and Vitamin E oil, to re-hydrate nails during removal and keep cuticles supple.Easily and hygienically applied with the new tiny dropper. Apply to dry cuticles and massage well, to re-hydrate surrounding skin.

2. ETHOS boasts an improved formula of VITAMIN DOSE - 14ml -for ALL NAIL TYPES. A combination of vitamins are delivered to nailbed cells for rejuvenation, moisturising and nourishment.Ginseng Root Extract from the vitamin B-group and other B-vitamins are considered essential to sustain the keratin structure and cell metabolism of the nail.Applied with a tiny dropper for easy application and cleanliness. Used during and after nail polish- or gel treatments as well as gel removal, as instructed. May display tiny solid particles.

3. CUTICLE CREAM - 20ml- , Enriched with essential oils for ultimate cuticle hydration

4. HAND CREAM -100ml- , Specially formulated to nourish skin leaving hands soft and silky

Hand & Nail Care Set

£38.00 Regular Price
£34.00Sale Price
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